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Which one of these questions are more correct? I want to ask you a question? I would like to ask you a question?
Sep 15, 2019 10:08 PM
Answers · 4
For some reason people are commenting rather than answering questions, which is confusing. As Mike V said, they are both statements, not questions. They are both correct. The first one is more direct, and the second one is more polite. Gdanning was also correct that you should have used 'is', rather than 'are'.
September 16, 2019
Thanks guys. So helpful conversation ☺
September 16, 2019
Mike is correct. But I wanted to mention that you have an error in your question. It should be "Which one of these questions IS correct?" (Because you would say, "Which one is correct") If you have several and more than one is correct, you could say "which two are correct?"
September 16, 2019
Neither of those are actually questions. They are statements. Both are correct as statements. Here are some other ways you can say almost the same thing. I want to ask you a question. I'd like to ask you a question. I would like to ask you a question. Can I ask you a question? (This is probably the most common in American English.) May I ask you a question? (this is a more correct way of asking, but the question above is more common) Would it be okay if I asked you a question? (this has a very submissive tone) The big difference is how polite each sound. The first is the least polite, and the last is the most polite.
September 15, 2019
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