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Is there a word or phrase in English to refer to the kind of news about celebrities’ private lives In Chinese , there’s a special term to refer to the kind of news / reports about celebrities’ private lives . If I translate it into English literally , it would be “ gossip “ but I don’t think it makes sense in English , does it ? For example , Chinese people are always interested in celebrities’ ( gossips ) . What I’m trying to say is that Chinese people are always interested in the kinds of news / reports / tabloids about celebrities ‘s private lives . Like a famous movie star got married or divorced or cheated on his wife etc . Does this sentence make sense to native speakers ? Or else I should put it in English to get this idea across ? Thanks a lot for answering my question ~
Sep 16, 2019 10:48 AM
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"Gossip" is actually the perfect translation for such things! It should never be plural as you wrote it though. --> "Chinese people love talking about celebrity gossip" "Gossip" can refer to both negative/shocking happenings or everyday matters because the word simply means to talk about someone's private life without them being present for said conversation. If you want to specifically refer to negative/shocking news, you could use the word "scandals" also. -->"Chinese people love gossiping about Celebrity scandals"
September 16, 2019
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