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Good morning everyone, can we use questions words with "have got and has got"? I want to know if it is possible to use questions words with the verb "have got", for example, who has got a car? is it correct? Are the following questions correct? Who hasn´t got a car? or I must say Who doesn't have a car? Who has got many friends? I'm not sure about the question form because I think we can confuse "have got" with the present perfect simple. thank you for any help you can offer.
Sep 16, 2019 2:38 PM
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(Have got) tends to be more British. and (Does have) tends to be more American.
September 16, 2019
You could, although this type of phrasing is more common in “street slang” so people might think you’re pretending to be a hoodlum, also using “hasn’t” in the way you have implies that whoever you’re speaking to has suggested you don’t have a car and you find that idea very strange. In this sense “who hasn’t got a car?” Is the same as saying “of course I have a car”
September 16, 2019
September 16, 2019
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