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"" I can time this out."" You put in a timeline of delirium, just coming like that." hi there: 1.whats meaning of"" I can time this out." 2.and meaning and gist of this sentence " You put in a timeline of delirium, just coming like that." You see what he’s doing here, he’s figuring out, “Okay, I’m writing at a constant speed, I know pretty much how fast I write, and so I can time this out. I can figure out exactly how long it took me to slip into delirium and then out of this delirium.” And he’s doing this as a very, very sick man. It’s science all the time! I had to write it all out in a more medical way. I think this would form a lovely illustration. You put in a timeline of delirium, just coming like that.
Sep 16, 2019 8:26 PM
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Hi Younes. Great to hear from you again! So, Dr. Sacks is a pretty amazing researcher who continued to use himself and his condition for research. He knows how fast he writes is a literal statement. He is aware from experience how many minutes it takes him to write (by hand) say one page of information. He was actually conscious of the fact that he was entering a physical state of delirium. So he continued writing so that when he came out of the state of delirium he could determine the length of time he was "out of it" based on the amount of writing on the page or pages. That is how he would develop the "timeline". He didn't really get to finish this explanation clearly because the interviewer interrupted once he understood what Dr. Sacks was explaining because he (the interviewer) was so amazed by the event described. Delirium is defined as "a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment." So one must assume that Dr. Sacks could sense the onset of an episode of delirium and wanted to gauge the length through his writing measurement method ... and of course what he would have written during that time as long as the delirium didn't cause him to stop writing. Hope this helps! Have a lovely day, Ellen
September 17, 2019
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