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Formal email format Do you still use ‘Dear’ at the beginning of an email and ‘Regards’ at the end of it? Would you add greeting sentence before content? For example: Dear Alice, I hope this email find you well. CONTENT Regards, Jean
Sep 17, 2019 12:54 PM
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Hi Jean This is one of those situations where there are two answers. One for the real world, and the other for exams. In many exams you are expected to use 'Dear' & 'Regards' (or 'Kind Regards') in formal emails, so use these in an exam. In the real world people people tend to be more relaxed about emails. To me this sometimes seems a bit wrong, and so I often use 'Good morning/afternoon/evening' in a formal email and 'Hi' in informal ones. A greeting before the content depends on the culture of your country or the company you work for, but I think it's nice. Can't hurt, so why not. There is a small mistake, you should 'finds' (the email is 3rd person) not 'find'.
September 17, 2019
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