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Som (সোম)
What is Business English? I often come across the term in iTalki but I'm not sure I get it entirely. Apart from being more formal and using inevitable business specific and general corporate jargon, it is the very same language. So what exactly do people mean by that? I once saw this "corporate" spoof on the opening lines of Psalm 23, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want". It went like "The omnipotent power is my internal external regulatory mechanism, I shall be insulated against the entire gamut of viscerogenic requirements". But that was evidently a joke. So is there a better definition?
Sep 17, 2019 1:39 PM
Answers · 4
"internal external regulatory mechanism" haha - that IS a good joke. Your definition is correct, with one caveat. Business English is English which uses the nomenclature of business to describe things OUTSIDE of that field. If you use Business English to talk business then you are just speaking English, but if you use the vernacular of Business even when you're speaking about everything else, eg: Psalm 23, then you are setting yourself up to be mildly mocked with the term "Business English".
September 17, 2019
Som (সোম)
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