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hi there hi there: 1.whats meaning of"" I can time this out." 2.and meaning and gist of this sentence " You put in a timeline of delirium, just coming like that." You see what he’s doing here, he’s figuring out, “Okay, I’m writing at a constant speed, I know pretty much how fast I write, and so I can time this out. I can figure out exactly how long it took me to slip into delirium and then out of this delirium.” And he’s doing this as a very, very sick man. It’s science all the time! I had to write it all out in a more medical way. I think this would form a lovely illustration. You put in a timeline of delirium, just coming like that.
Sep 17, 2019 1:47 PM
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"I can time this out." refers to the amount of time the delirium lasts. The person wants to know at what time the delirium starts, which in this case is probably a hallucination. Then the person can see the time the delirium ends. The times would be compared to see how long the hallucination lasted. Delirium can also mean confusion, so I think that is the usage in the second question. Since it could be hard to track a hallucination accurately, there would be confusion if you tried to time it with precision. Plus, if you were the one experiencing the hallucination, you would need to remember to take note of the time that the hallucination started and stopped. Since hallucinations cause confusion, this could prove to be difficult.
September 18, 2019
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