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What's 'Potato' when describing people? I fill like it has a good meaning, since they say like "She's our potato". But I don't understand what it exactly means. Also, I wonder it has any bad meanings in it too.
Sep 17, 2019 2:15 PM
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Here is what Urban dictionary has to say, it seems and sounds like it might be correct, but I don't recommend 'Urban Dictionary' as a reliable source. unattractive said by young girls, and with Korean/Japenese meaning also of 'cute'
September 17, 2019
I have never heard anyone say anything like "She's our potato." Where did you read this? Was it from a predominantly English speaking country?
September 18, 2019
Johannes // Thank you!!!
September 17, 2019
I could imagine if you hear Korean/ Japanese girls or Kpop fans using this word, it could also mean cute and adorable, even if not conventionally attractive. Google "kawaiipotato"
September 17, 2019
Well I've only heard it being used in a playfully derogatory or self-deprecating way before. A girl who thinks she's unattractive might say "Ugh he'll never notice me, cuz I'm such a potato". It's also often used to describe a lazy or useless person "He's a potato, watching TV all day". Although in your example "She's our potato" it sounds kind of sweet
September 17, 2019
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