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在我看来我/对我来说 Hello Could someone tell me the difference of 在我看来 and 对我来说?very often it is translated the same way as: As far as I'm concerned, as I see it, according to, ... Is one in connection with a perspective, the other with an attitude... Thanks!
Sep 17, 2019 10:22 PM
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在我看来 "from my point of view or in my opinion" is to describe or explain something based on the experience, information, standpoint or knowledge that I have had. 例:在我看来他并不开心。I think he is not happy. It is like I know him so I can tell if he is happy or not. 对我来说 "for me or to me" is to describe how I feel or view something. 例:对我来说这件事不公平。This is not fair to me. It is like I feel I was treated fairly.
September 17, 2019
在我看来=我觉得,so it's more general. 对我来说 is more specific, usually used for something that has an impact on the speaker. eg "在我看来,美墨边境的墙 造价 太高了。"(The US-Mexico border wall is too expensive) 这个句子中,不能用“对我来说”。
September 18, 2019
I would like to say that 在我看来 is to express your ideas like in my opinion/from my perspective and 对我来说 is For me/To me.
September 18, 2019
“在我看来” refers to my view, opinion and standpoint. "对我来说" shows what sth means to me. 在我看来,这家餐厅很高档。 In my point of view, this restaurant is very upscale. 对我来说,这家餐厅的菜是最好吃的。 The dishes in this restaurant are the best to me. 这个机会对我来说不太重要,因为大公司也想录用我。 This opportunity is not of great importance to me, because I also receive offers from big companies. 这个机会在我看来不太重要, 因为这个公司毕竟比较小。 This opportunity is not that important in my view, because it's a small company after all. Hope it helps.^_^
September 18, 2019
Thanks for all your comments. It helps a lot!
September 18, 2019
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