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Meaning of be cast to here, what does "was cast to" mean? In geopolitical terms, no other country in the world is surrounded by four major powers as we are. When Korea didn’t have much clout and was deemed insignificant, the Korean Peninsula was also cast to the periphery of the continent and ocean and was even reduced to an arena where global powers competed. This is the history that we had to endure.
Sep 18, 2019 12:08 AM
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'cast' here means thrown. 'to' is used to link it to where it was thrown. It is obviously a figurative 'cast', and the idea is almost that the countries were 'thrown out', or discarded. Where was it cast? It was cast to the periphery...
September 18, 2019
In this context, it can be read as "thrown", as in Korea was thrown aside / neglected / seen as unimportant.
September 18, 2019
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