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Ethan Lee
'return fully loaded' meaning What does 'return fully loaded' mean? Can it refer to something not tangible? Is the sentence below grammatically correct and natural, or are there better ways to put it? 'They didn't feel sad despite parting with this place, because they returned home fully loaded.' What I'm trying to say is the students finished their exchange programs abroad with successful results. Thank you very much!
18 de sep de 2019 9:42
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The sentence doesn't read very natural to me. I'll critique it to give you some ideas. - "... DIDN'T FEEL sad despite PARTING ..., because they RETURNED ..." is unnatural. Make it DIDN'T FEEL ... because they WERE RETURNING ..., to mean how they were feeling about going home. - "despite" seems to be unnecessary. I think it sounds better without it. - "parting with" a place doesn't sound natural. You part with a thing or person, not a place. - "this place" might not be a good choice as it can sometimes sound derogatory. Better to be more specific. - "fully loaded" doesn't sound like a good choice in this context. I would write something like these: - They didn't feel sad to leave the school, because they were returning home more knowledgeable and accomplished. - They had no regrets heading home, as it had been a time well spent with a lot gained. - They felt good when it came time to go home, because they believed they had completed a productive N years of their lives. (substitute actual number for N)
18 de Septiembre de 2019
I'm a bit confused. You say "I'm trying to say", but you don't know what the phrase means? I think it's grammatically correct, but it's not quite natural. "parting with something" usually means giving a thing away, or losing something. I think it's a little odd to use to mean "leaving". "return fully loaded" is usually tangible. It is used to refer to a truck or ship or something similar that is full to capacity, when it returns to its "home". I can't see how a person's brain can be fully loaded, so to me it feels a little odd in this context.
18 de Septiembre de 2019
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