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Can I say "I won't get any better even if I continue working" ?
Sep 18, 2019 6:55 PM
Answers · 4
I tend to agree with DavidK. It doesn't really make sense, or say anything. Get better at what? Working here would mean 'at my job' , so 'continue working' means 'not retire'. It doesn't mean something like learning, if that is what you meant.
September 19, 2019
It doesn’t mean anything. What are you trying to say?
September 19, 2019
It would be common and perfectly acceptable to say or hear this sentence in a typical conversation. Native speakers in the U.S.A. use this type of construction a lot. "I won't understand you any better even if you speak louder!" :)
September 18, 2019
You should not use a double negation. I won't get better even if I continue working What would you like to say in this sentence? I'm not gonna get better even if I keep working. - is it what you would like to say ?
September 18, 2019
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