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hello everyone,i need your suggestions😊What topic should I choose for my brainstorming speech?
Sep 20, 2019 9:09 AM
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Rory, I wanted to make sure that I understood your question. Thank you for replying. :-) "Brainstorming" is a word to describe the process of a group of people spontaneously bringing up any and every possible idea to solve a problem. It is meant to get everyone thinking of ANY possible solution, even if some of the ideas seem crazy, it gets the group discussing/thinking/being creative, in the hopes of finding a great solution. For example, a business may be failing and it is not exactly clear why. The boss could call in the team of workers and "brainstorm" ideas of how to save the company---like diversification, new locations, new products, better training, etc.....! Another example, the school administration sees that the children are failing. The staff needs to "brainstorm" together to solve this problem---many ideas could emerge---poor nutrition, poor housing, quality of teachers, language barriers, methods of testing, etc...! Try to find a most interesting problem for your speech, then it will be easier to have many ideas, solutions to use for examples. In the movie "Apollo 13" the NASA engineers had to brainstorm urgently to find a way to save the 3 crewmen. There are MANY possibilities for a great presentation. Best of luck!
September 21, 2019
Please clarify---are you being asked to give a speech, a presentation about brainstorming?....explaining what brainstorming means and then to demonstrate this with some particular example---showing brainstorming in action??
September 21, 2019
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