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Police: article Police later found him at the side of the road... Police followed the bubbles and arrested him. Why we don’t use the definite article in these sentences ?
Sep 20, 2019 5:55 PM
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The word "police" can be used as a plural noun, meaning "police officers." You don't need an article if you use the word this way. "Police officers found him." / "Police found him." The word "police" can also refer to the police force overall. In that case, you do need an article. "The police found him" is also correct, but it refers to the police force in general, rather than to individual police officers. In most cases, like the two sentences you quoted, the two usages are interchangeable, because we don't know who these particular police officers are. We just know that they're members of the police force, so saying that "police found him" is essentially the same as saying that "the police found him."
September 20, 2019
Hello, Igor. I'm not sure why the author did not use an article. We almost always include 'the' when talking about the police. Where did you read this?
September 20, 2019
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