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What are the difference between specially and especially?
20. Sept 2019 19:47
Answers · 4
The difference isn't that big. However, "especially" means "particularly", and also can be used to make something or someone really special: Example: "She loves travelling, especially in summer." Example: "Mark bought the roses especially for that concert." "Specially" is used for talking about the specific purpose of something: Example: "She has her dresses made specially for her by a tailor in Paris." Example: "The article is specially created to make it easy for kids to understand." I hope it helps!
20. September 2019
My use is in line with what Anna has described, which matches my quick Google search results. I would not use "especially" for ...bought the roses "especially" for that concert." - for me that would always be "specially" - for a distinct prupose or event. I may be wrong.
20. September 2019
The major difference between specially and especially is that specially is used while referring to something with a special or distinct purpose, whereas especially is used while giving emphasis or singling out a person, situation, or thing above all. Example: I've had to have some replacement parts specially made. or: I enjoy traveling, especially to very different places.
20. September 2019
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