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Why do some people hate advertisements? Why do some people hate advertisements? Some advertisements encourage people to associate famous brand with higher social status .which would make people drop a lot of money on unnecessary things. In order to live in the lap of luxury ,some people spend foolishly ,thereby they are more likely to be burdened with debt. children ,who are particularly susceptible to advertising ,after watching advertisements ,they are more likely to buy something on impulse ,if they don’t have enough money ,they will require their parents to satisfy their needs,which would place a financial burden on their families. Do people usually buy stuff after watching advertisements? The entire point of broadcast TV is to make you dissatisfied with your life so that you will buy more stuff. Many time people buy staff ,because shopping will bring them happiness.however, many people often make the budget rather buy something on impulse. They have to learn how to manage their schedules , shop for themselves and manage a budget. They don’t buy something they can not afford ,unless they really want to. Is music useful in advertising? Commercial television have mixed entertainment and advertising. And Music has become the important element in advertisements. TV commercial involving music could be more fascinate and attractive,for old people ,some music. Could bring back their memory of their young adulthood This kind of advertising could attract a large number of audience,which could help commercials boost their sales. What are the advantages of TV advertisements? How about internet advertisements? In the consumer society ,our customer want better selection.television commercials could offer them more choices .furthermore ,TV advertisements could assume more social responsibilities. For example ,government could launch a compaign of television commercials to raise the awareness of the public about environmental issues.With the development of Internet advertising ,it has been recognized by more advertiser for its accuracy and interactivity. .compared with television commercials,it is easily to make web advertising .however ,we have not to ignore its negative effects,some of them exaggerate the merits of the products,consequently ,they mislead and deceive consumers . governments should enhance the management on the web.
Sep 21, 2019 4:53 AM
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If you want someone to correct your writing, you should post your entries in the "Notebooks" section of Italki (not the "Answers" section). It's very difficult to correct texts here in the Answers forum.
September 21, 2019
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