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Is it easy to become beautiful? Is it easy to become beautiful? No ,numerous people often find it difficult to become pretty,because you should make effort to achieve this goal. First . in order to keep in shape and build up muscle,you should restrict your diet and take regular exercise . .however,.many people have to sit in front of a computer all day . with a heavy work load , people have to choose fast food loaded with sugar ,salt and high calories ,as a result , they are more likely to become overweight .Second ,you should learn how to dress and become fashion people. In order to buy good-looking clothe ,you should cut the expense ,which would sacrifice you comfort. What are the disadvantages of being beautiful? When i was at school .Some beautiful classmates concentrated more their appearance than their studies .which would not only disturb their mind ,but also bring about negative effect on their studies.some girl spend a lot of money to follow the trend ,which make them experience financial problems. What do people in your country think of beauty? Do you think children should learn how to dress well? Yes it is necessary for children to care about their appearance. parents should help children what styles their body suit and find clothes that fit properly,helping children building up Children are more likely to participate in some party and practice their interpersonal skills.,furthermore ,Good looks would give the graduate an advantage over other the job-seekers in the labour market,and they are more likely to find a decent job.
Sep 21, 2019 4:59 AM
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