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lightning in a bottle She watched his face, trying to catch the angles. Something was happening, and it wasn’t about the car. “’Sixty-seven,” she said. “I paid for it working summer jobs. It was pretty much the first real thing I ever bought by myself.” “You were eighteen, right?” “Seventeen.” “That’s right. Seventeen. Preacher’s daughter.” He whistled. “Lightning in a bottle.” “Something like that.” She didn’t mention the rest: that she’d bought the car two weeks after Adrian Wall stopped her from jumping to her death in the cold, black waters of the quarry; that she would drive it for hours on end; that for more years than she cared to count, it was the only good thing in her life. “What’s with all the questions, Charlie?” What does lightning in a bottle mean?
Sep 21, 2019 7:43 AM
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Strangely someone else asked this question 2 days ago. See here: I would add that the speaker finds the girl attractive.
September 21, 2019
It means a very rare event, almost something unheard of. Something that only happens very rarely and with some difficulty. Charlie is saying her being a preacher's daughter and working and getting a car was exceptional, out of the ordinary, a difficult thing.
September 21, 2019
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