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What would be correct? if I'm in the bank. I'm in the bank or I'm inside the bank or I'm at the bank.
Sep 21, 2019 8:33 PM
Answers · 4
You are in the bank. or You are in a bank. but You are at work. but You are on the plane. You are on the Internet. and you want to go home. (Never say I want to go "to" or "to the" home, it is wrong)
September 21, 2019
at the bank - the bank is a point in space, like on a map. It doesn't matter if you are standing on the street outside or actually inside the building. in the bank - the bank is a room, a space with three dimensions, and I am enclosed by it. I am not on the street outside inside the bank - not wrong but unusual in most contexts. "Inside" is like "in" but with emphasis. Why do we need to emphasise "inside the bank"? Consider this example headline: we spoke to a man who had spent three years inside the secret world of the [name of criminal gang] or e.g. I put the key inside the box and locked the box, to keep the key as safe as possible. Consider these two situations: a) "Hello, come in! It's nice to see you! Let me take your coat." b) "Oh, the rain is terrible today. Come inside quickly and dry yourself off. Don't stay outside for a moment longer." Note that "inside" can be used as an adverb (like in the last example) and as a noun ("the inside of... ")
September 21, 2019
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