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What do you think of this expression? “A scientifically and technologically demanding industry”
2019년 9월 22일 오전 2:42
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As long as it's honest, it's fine.
2019년 9월 22일
Hi Jayden! “A scientifically and technologically demanding industry” means, it requires a lot of systematic processes or scientific activities like research, observation, prediction, and a lot of scientific inquiries, explanations, results, etc. Thus, performing such scientific processes, evaluation or lab tests will definitely require a certain technology or various technologies, even advanced technology to satisfy the scientific research/inquiries depending on the purpose or objective. Most likely, in order to achieve a more precise laboratory results or a more reliable evaluation of any trial and error or scientific investigation, a modern revolutionary technological advancement is always needed. This is a very demanding industry indeed! Have a great day!
2019년 9월 22일
The expression is well-written and correct. It is essentially saying that the industry requires a lot of scientific and technological expertise.
2019년 9월 22일
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