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How to use 作用? Short question. Can 作用 be used to express whether something works or functions? As in, if I wanted to say "My car works / does not work" for example, would「私のくるま作用しています/していません」be correct? How about for something more abstract, such as "This plan is never going to work"? How should one express this? Thank you for your time!
Sep 22, 2019 6:46 PM
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I see. Thank you SI. Muroda, this was very helpful
September 23, 2019
people use 作用 for some force affecting to something くすりが体に作用する。 磁力(じりょく)が物に作用する。 月の引力(いんりょく)が地球に作用する。 we don't say 車が作用する  because 作用するmeans affect something. 車が動くis usual 車が作動(さどう)する is ok. 作動する means operate itself
September 23, 2019
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