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it sort of fits hi there whats meanig of this sentence?"it sort of fits" You know how nobody remembers anything that happens to you when you’re one or two or three? Well, there was a theory once, not honored much today, but it said that those earliest memories get locked away deep in our brains in a special safe that we can never open. So let’s suppose, Mrs. O. C., that your stroke, by some crazy chance, opened the lock that none of us can break, and released those first memories in you, just for a little while. So that the voice you’re listening to … maybe that isn’t a radio voice. Let’s say that it’s your mother’s voice, that’s your missing mother. And so at the ripe old age of eighty-eight, you finally get to be back in your mother’s arms, you get to be a baby again. And Mrs. O. C. thought about that and said, “Okay … it sort of fits!”
2019年9月22日 21:30
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In this context it means 'It seems to explain the situation.' 'It' = what you said
It sort of makes sense
The idea that she has had about being old but being a baby again in your mother’s arms makes sense to her. It sounds strange but when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. The feeling is understandable.
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