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Are there any differences between "There is a banana also" and "There is a banana too" and "there is "there is a banana as well"
23 ก.ย. 2019 เวลา 8:05
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The only reasons I can think of that you would prefer also vs as well vs too would be: 1) You prefer the way your sentence sounds with one of the 3 options. 2) You are trying to intentionally make a distinction between "to" and "too" when speaking. For example "I need to too" vs "I need to as well"
23 กันยายน 2019
Hi I think this sample will make it easier to understand the difference, although it maybe interchangeable as well. "There is a banana also" [ There is also a banana.] JANE: "I'm trying remember what my mother served for dessert, I just realised she gave us the ice cream after our lunch." JOE: "Let me think....OH YEAH! THERE WAS ALSO A BANANA!" (maybe excited tone/excited remembering it) JANE:" I prepared a fruit platter and it has grapes, apples, oranges..." JOE: "Look! "THERE IS A BANANA TOO!" (maybe excited tone/could be his favourite fruit) "there is a banana as well" **This phrase maybe used by people who's not excited about it, but you just wanna say or share the information. JANE: I prefer to eat fruits for my dessert. JOE: There are lots of fruits in the kitchen, THERE'S BANANA AS WELL. Hope this is helpful! Have a great day!
23 กันยายน 2019
Not really. You could use 'also' before 'a banana' (there is also a banana) but 'too' and 'as well' have to go at the end of the phrase. ('too' before 'a banana' can be used in American English, but it changes the meaning - 'there is too a banana' would mean 'yes there is a banana- you are wrong to say there is not' ).
23 กันยายน 2019
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