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prompt prompt Ielts speaking part 3 The examiner and the candidate engage in a discussion of more abstract issues which are thematically linked to the topic prompt in Part 2. Is prompt an adjective here? Does it mean appeared? I looked the word up, but couldn't find an appropriate definable that fits here.
Sep 23, 2019 10:20 PM
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"Prompt" is a noun in this case. The definition in the Oxford English Dictionary is this (I've added asterisks to indicate the important part): "Something said or done to aid the memory; a reminder; spec. a word or phrase spoken to remind an actor, reciter, etc., of a forgotten word or line. Later also more generally: **anything which when seen, heard, etc., acts as a stimulus or guide to some action; a cue.**" A "prompt" on an exam is the "cue" that tells you what to do. For example, you may see an exam with a prompt such as "Write a two-paragraph essay describing your city," or "Analyze the poem below," or "Underline all of the adjectives below." These are "prompts" rather than questions, because they don't ask you a question. They tell you to do something. In some cases, an "essay prompt" is simply a topic for you to write an essay about. That's probably what the "topic prompt in Part 2" refers to. Part 2 will give you a topic to write about, and then you'll also have to have a more abstract conversation about the same topic.
September 23, 2019
No, here it is a noun. If I am acting in a play, I will wait to hear the line before my line, and then I will say my line. The line before my line is my "prompt". Now, "prompt" generally means "the thing that lets you know when to do the thing that you have been preparing to do." "When I was in a sword-fight with Bob, I wanted to make him tired before I began my real attacks. When I saw him start to sweat, that was my prompt, and I began to look for opportunities to actually beat him." "The school-bell was the prompt for the students to begin walking to their next class." Here, "topic" is acting like an adjective, and "prompt" is a noun. The examiner gives you your topic, and that is the prompt that tells you to begin speaking. EDIT: ninja'ed by Gray
September 23, 2019
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