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Are you really as smart as they you are? -> is this a complete sentence? "Hey don't do such stupid things. Are you really as smart as they you are?" I saw this in a comic, but I don't get the exact meaning. Shouldn't this be like "Are you really as smart as they SAY you are?" or something?
24 Eyl 2019 00:15
Answers · 6
No, it doesn't make sense. Yes, 'say', or 'think' would fit there. The first sentence is correct, but even that sounds slightly unnatural.
24 Eylül 2019
Yes, they're made a mistake with the wording. Often, words get accidentally dropped in the printing process. Your suggestion is likely it. Another possibility is ' they think you are.' I think your suggestion is probably it, though.
24 Eylül 2019
Gray // Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24 Eylül 2019
I agree with Gary. Either "say" or "think" would work best, and as he says, the first sentence is also awkward. It's grammatically correct, but most native speakers would never say or write it, unless perhaps they were translating from another language and trying to keep the exact meaning. (I might write "don't do such stupid things" if I were translating from Chinese, if I wanted to be very literal.)
24 Eylül 2019
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