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Suggest + should Hi everyone! I'm learning about the usage of "suggest", and there is a part of the lesson that is not clear to me. According to the lesson: "In British English, subjunctive isn’t very common. Instead, British speakers use should + infinitive. The doctor suggests that he should stop smoking. The doctor suggested that he should stop smoking. In direct suggestions that begin with I suggest…, should is not normally used. I suggest that you get another job. (NOT I suggest that you should get another job.)" But I know that I've heard a couple of times that people say these kinds of things: I suggest that we should go to the cinema. OR I suggest you should go to the dentist. Then these sentences aren't correct? Can we use suggest together with should, when I am the person who suggests something? Thanks in advance!
Sep 24, 2019 8:25 AM
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In your examples, the speaker only includes 'should' if he is saying it is the correct thing to do. ie "The doctor suggested that he should stop smoking" is saying the doctor suggests it would be the correct thing for him to do (stop smoking). If the doctor omits the 'should', then he is only suggesting he stop smoking ... no more. He is saying nothing about whether it is the correct thing to do or not.
September 24, 2019
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