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penny Lin
English sentences 1 He could solve any math problems with his nimble brain. 2 Every Fridays, the ground has lots of people sing with glee. 3 We had token three days to reached the peak of ridge. 4 He nudged the door and went into the room. 5 I drew a horse without nostrils. 6 The cold weather made his’s mouth quiver. 7 There are many billow in the postcard that my friends sent me .
Sep 24, 2019 2:08 PM
Answers · 2
1. Good. 2. Every Friday FRIDAY, the ground is covered with people SINGING with glee. (“The ground has lots” sounds unnatural) 3. We had TAKEN three days to REACH the peak of THE ridge. 4. Good. 5. Good. 6. HIS not his’s. 7. I’m not sure what you mean by “billow” here, but billow should probably be plural BILLOWS because it follows the plural adjective “many”.
September 24, 2019
penny Lin
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