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how do you pronounce the sound /aa/ as in پارسا، آنجا، ما Hi everyone, I am trying to narrow down an English equivalent sound to the Persian sound /aa/ as in پارسا، آنجا، ما I was hoping that you, as native speakers, could help me by telling which one of the English sounds below are most similar and which ones are less similar to the Persian sound /aa/. I have few English words and I have attached links to audio where they pronounce those English words. If the links don't open-I just type "define dawn", "define far" in google search and it gives me the meaning and pronunciation audio for the words (dawn, far, etc.). Even if you comment on one of the words that would be helpful. The Persian sound /aa/ is a tricky sound for me. Thank you very much in advance. 1. aa as in “gone” 2. aa as in “dawn” 3. aa as in “awe” 4. aa as in “palm” 5. aa as in “father” 6. aa as in “hot”
2019년 9월 25일 오전 7:24
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Hi Jacob. In my opinion, pronunciation of the words "dawn", "caught" and "awe" are less similar and pronunciation of the words "father" & "palm" are more similar to the Persian sound /aa/. (Note that I've heard British pronunciation from the links you attached here.) You might want to check the Persian pronunciation of the words you wrote: (The phrase means "our city") Unfortunately, I didn't find a suitable Persian pronunciation for the word "پارسا" These are the best pronunciation I could find for you. Hope it helps you :)
2019년 9월 25일
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