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DANTZER Christophe
Use of 気 元気、気持ち、平気 気seems to be the mood of someone. Can I say 「あなたの電話をもらった後、いい気になりますした」? After receiving your phone call, I felt good. Après avoir reçu ton appel, je me suis senti mieux. 私の気はいいです。 Je le sens mieux Or should I keep using regular fixed expression only like : 元気です。 I am good. je vais bien 気持ちになる。 I feel better. Mon humeur s’améliore. 私は平気です。 it does not matter to me. Je suis indifférent
Sep 26, 2019 2:01 AM
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Thank you Aura and Cameron
September 29, 2019
I'm not a native speaker, but I’ve been studying Japanese for a long time. I don't think it's typical to say いい気、I've never heard anyone say that before. I have friends who usually say something like 電話をもらってよかったです! or 電話をもらって嬉しいです!If you use 気持ち for receiving a phone call, it sounds strange to me... Words like 気持ち I've heard used when someone goes into the 温泉 and they say わー気持ちいいですね!(Oh it feels good, doesn't it!) 気 really seems to be like something related to the atmosphere, a force, a feeling, a mood. 勇気、電気、天気、気温、陽気、気分・・ Many words exist using 気。
September 28, 2019
For your example sentence, I think using 気持ちでした or maybe 気持ちになりました is fine. Because 気 by itself seems to have a more spiritual meaning, I often see it used in martial arts etc. Not really used for feeling good. That is just my take on it anyway.
September 26, 2019
DANTZER Christophe
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