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German words in which only one vowel is different. Words like "lieben" and "leben" have only one vowel that is different (when pronounced). Please, give me some more examples of such word pairs where only these two vowels (E and I) replace each other (If there are any) Also if there are any such word pairs but with vowels O and U, please tell me those as well.
2019年9月26日 13:36
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loben - leben - laben liegen - legen Lied - Leid rot - Rat ging - Gong - Gang hing - Hang There are some surnames which are written differently, but pronounced the same: Meyer, Mayr, Maier
Egel - Igel ehren - ihren Segel - Siegel wer - wir zehren - zieren betten - bitten Reet - Riet gebt - gibt (2 different forms of the verb "geben") legen - liegen setzen - sitzen Ohr - Uhr groß - Gruß floss - Fluss genoss - Genuss Loft - Luft
Thank you! I also found words "dehnen" and "dienen"
Denken und danken. Fu"llen und fu"hlen. Haben und heben. Sehen und sagen. That's all I can think of now- it's been quite a while. Sorry I can't do the umlaut.
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