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What does the word 의원의 mean? For example in 의원의 말. And how is it pronounced? Euiwon-i or euiwon-e?
Sep 26, 2019 1:45 PM
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의원의 = 의원(n) + 의(possessive particle) = of a/the doctor. 의원의 말 = the word of a/the doctor; what the doctor said. 의원 = old term for "doctor". It has largely been replaced by the newer term 의사. 의 is one of the trickiest vowels with three accepted pronunciations. 1) at the beginning of a noun (e.g. 의사, 의심): [으이] - smoothly transitioning with short and light 이. 2) at the end of a noun (정의, 심의). Either [으이] like #1 or simple [이] ([이] is officially accepted). 3) possessive particle (병원의, 선생님의). Degenerates to 에- or 애-like sound. Note that the possessive 의 is more often dropped in speech than actually pronounced. For example, in casual conversation, people might say 의원 말 instead of 의원의 말. When 의 is pronounced, it will sound like 의원에 말 or 의원애 말.
September 26, 2019
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