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Send or put to the corner? About a child.. If a kid doesn't obey (usual situation) and you want him be in the corner for 5 minutes, how it is better to say, send or put to the corner?
2019年9月26日 16:08
Answers · 3
If you send him to the corner you are telling him to go there. I can picture my mother saying in a very stern voice "GO TO THE CORNER", with her arm outstretch and her finger pointing to the darkest and loneliest corner in the house. I quietly go, with my head down and with tears in my eyes. :( If you put him in the corner, it means you grabbed him and pulled him there. You put him in the corner the same way you would put bread on a shelf. You may have to say "STAY IN THIS CORNER" so that he doesn't move from the place that you put him. SEND = is an command that you are giving him. PUT = is a physical action that you do (you don't even need to say anything).
You could use both. I sent the child into the 'naughty corner', I put him/her in the naughty corner. Thank you for bringing back very old memories of being an infant school teacher in the days we did such thing :)
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