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cross a bridge I was thinking about a dream I had last week, where I was crossing a bridge into something unknown. Can we say go through a bridge? If I say go through a bridge, what would you have in your mind?
26 set 2019 23:30
Answers · 5
Blake's comment is correct. Through only might make sense for a covered bridge.
27 settembre 2019
I second Blake's comment as well. We would only go "through" a bridge if it is an underground, covered or tunnel bridge.
27 settembre 2019
Thanks, Blake. You explained it well.
27 settembre 2019
Hi! We wouldn’t really say “go through a bridge.” If you did say this, I would imagine a bridge that has some kind of hollow structure for you to pass through. Maybe a tunnel bridge or something of the sort? Anyway, it’s much more common to hear “cross a bridge” or “go over a bridge”
26 settembre 2019
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