what is the meaning of “ liitle more than ”or “ less more than"
Sep 28, 2019 2:27 AM
Answers · 1
'little more than' means 'almost the same size, but just a small amount bigger or extra.' "My rainwater tank is just a little more than half full." That is, it is not quite half full's slightly more. "He's little more than a fool". ie. He's almost a fool, but not quite. He's slightly better. "I live little more than 5kms from town". I live about 5kms from town or maybe just slightly more. "less more than" isn't correct. You can say "...little less than" which means "slightly less than" "I live a little less than 5kms from town" which says "I live slightly less than 5km from town".
September 28, 2019
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