Could you translate this in English? please, I would appreciate it too much 我又傻傻地一整天只沉浸在沒有意義的思緒之中 否認著否認著,說要分手的這一句話怎麼會這麼困難呢? 你並不愛我,你不會來我身邊,明明知道這一切 如果一天一天拖延著離別 * 反正只有我變得可憐,沒有什麼會改變的,就算是一瞬間你也不會想到我 這樣一來我也知道,對你、對我們來說美好的記憶,好像都會變得不堪 我今天一定得說出口,就算會害怕失去你的我的模樣 一天又一天,沒辦法拖延著離別的,就算知道我卻 現在我要說出口,我不要獨自等待你,讓我覺得心痛 反正我愛過的你已經不在這裡了,就算是一瞬間你也不會想到我 愛過的、說過愛我的那天的我們,那時候的你,我現在要讓擁抱過我的你離去
Sep 28, 2019 3:45 AM
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I, once again, foolishly immerse in pointless thoughts for a whole day. Refusing and refusing, how come it is so hard to say that one line: break up? You don’t love me, you will not come back to my side, (I) clearly knew this all. If every single day delaying the parting. *Anyway it is just me getting pitiful, nothing is gonna change, you won’t think of me for a second. This happens and I know, to you, to us, the good memories seemingly become ugly. I have to voice out today, even I am scared of the face I make when i lose you. A day and a day, unable to delay our parting, even knowing I still need to say it out now, I dont want to wait for you alone, makes me hurt (my heart) Anyway the person (you) who I loved is not here anymore, you won’t think of me even for a second, the loved, the us that day when you told me you love me, the you that time, I now need to let the person (you) who hugged me leave.
September 28, 2019
i think this is a letter from Hongkong or Taiwan.
September 30, 2019
你不會來我身邊 you would not come to me
September 30, 2019
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