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Turkish present progressive tense versus present tense I'm a beginner Turkish learner so I'm sorry for writing in English instead of Turkish. I just learned that -iyor- is the present progressive stem. For example, if I want to say: to like something - beğenmek I am liking - Ben beğeniyorum You are liking (informal) - Sen beğeniyorsun He/She/It is liking - O beğeniyor We are liking - Biz beğeniyoruz You are liking (plural/formal) - Siz beğeniyorsunuz They are liking - Onlar beğeniyorlar Is this correct? What about the present? If I understood correctly, the stem is -mekte. Can someone please fill this in for me? I like something - ? I like - Ben You like (informal) - Sen ? He/She/It likes - O ? We like - Biz ? You like (plural/formal) - Siz ? They like - Onlar ? Thank you in advance.
28 de sep de 2019 12:47
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Thank you, Abdullah. Does this also mean that there is another way to say 'like'? How do you conjugate it?
15 de Octubre de 2019
Hello Abby, We sometimes use present simple tense just like continuous. For example; I like reading okumayı severim/okumayı seviyorum I like swimming yüzmeyi severim/yüzmeyi seviyorum As you can see, I translated them both to present simple tense and continuous. There is no difference between them as meaning but you can not always translate continuous to present simple tense.'' know, hate, love, study''...these verbs can be translated into the same way. Başarılar dilerim :)
14 de Octubre de 2019
Thank you so much, Sedat. I appreciate it.
28 de Septiembre de 2019
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