학생식당에서 김밥과 캍이 떡볶이를 먹었습니다 About the order of sentences, I saw the sentence "학생식당에서 김밥과 캍이 떡볶이를 먹었습니다." in textbook. But can I say "학생식당에서 김밥과 떡볶이를 캍이 먹었습니다."? 캍이 were put in different order. Another example is 학생들이 주말에 어디에 자주 갑니까? can I also say 학생들이 주말에 자주 어디에 갑니까? 자주 is put in different positions. I did not find the rule of korean sentence. Could you please explain to me? Thank you very much.
Sep 28, 2019 3:09 PM
Answers · 1
First of all, the correct spelling is '같이' which means 'together'. And yes, you can put '같이' before '먹었습니다'.
September 28, 2019
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