I want to watch something in Bosnian I am looking to watch something Bosnian to practice my listning. I have tried watching the news but it is just to difficult. I also listnen to music and I watch movies but I am looking for something that I can watch daily. I would REALLY like something with B/H/S subtitles. Like a show for children, a cookingshow, a soap or whatever. I have looked on youtube at (and I have found some good things). I have also looked at the news from ftv but most was to difficult. Maybe something online ór a show on dvd witch I can order... Any tips would be helpfull!
Sep 28, 2019 3:15 PM
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Hi Charlotte, I think the best would be to find topics you are usually interested in, and go watch them in Bosnian. F.e. if you like beauty tutorials, go watch YouTubers speaking in Bosnian about beauty trends. It will be harder to understand in the beginning, but because you like the content, your brain will make efforts to understand the context, so you would be surprised. I believe it is better, than watching boring dialogues or cartoons, even though you would understand better what they are saying. Wish you lot of luck, Farah :) btw I find her channel very interesting:
April 24, 2020,, ....
September 28, 2019
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