"authenticity hides largely in the backwaters now" what does "to hide in the backwaters" mean? description of a famous beach where now attracts various types of visitors
Sep 29, 2019 10:46 AM
Answers · 6
"authenticity hides largely in the backwaters now" "backwaters" is a general term for an undeveloped area where things have changed very little over the years. A place where it remains much the same today as it was in the past. The term is often used in a critical or pejorative sense, but not in this text. You could rephrase the sentence as, Authenticity hides largely in the areas where progress or development hasn't yet reached.
September 29, 2019
In addition to meaning a place where little has changed, "backwaters" also refers to an isolated place. (Of course, many isolated places change little over time, so there is overlap between the definitions). The quote seems to refer to an isolated beach. PS: a similar term is "off the beaten path"
September 29, 2019
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