Please correct me. Thank you very much. Firstly, the world will never stop because of the one or two people. Among the one million people, only two people claimed that it has negative influence. The problem should be the audience. The information provided is not enough to decide whether the movie should be ban. If the one or two people have mental illness and the others are normal people, that means the movie is not suitable for people who are mentally unhealthy. Or if the one or two people are adolescents while the others are adults, then the movie should be restricted instead of being totally banned. Secondly, people should be responsible for how they respond to media. If he or she is adolescent, their parents should be responsible for it. According to uses and gratification theory, people make individual decisions about which media to consume and people that consume the same media product will respond to it in different ways depending on their individual characteristics. Even the content is good, the audience could respond negatively. To prevent this, we need to make sure that people make good choice for themselves. Thus, we need to pay attention to the educational system and family education.
29 set 2019 13:16
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You actually used the wrong category for this. Choose "notebooks" and then others can correct it. This section is for asking questions. Jerry (Teacher)
29 settembre 2019
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