What does "whip" mean in "whip a soggy magazine over the egg carton"? 1)If you roomie forcefully opened your door and got into your room without your permission, how do you say "you're trespassing my room"? 2) What does "blast up" mean in "the bus blasted up and pulled to the curb"? 3) What does "reptilian trivia" mean in "I would've gone my life without reptilian trivia"? 4) What does "ripe and ragged" mean in "they were ripe and ragged", raging power chords through the neighborhood"? 5) What does "whip" mean in "whip a soggy magazine over the egg carton"?
Sep 29, 2019 6:04 PM
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Where did you get these phrases from? The additional context may provide more insight than we can give by guessing. I can say I’ve never heard any of the phrases 2-5 so they definitely involve some creative use of language. 1) Something like “This is not your room, get out.” might work. Or add an “in” to your sentence and it probably would be understood. 2) It seems to be making a metaphor comparing the bus pulling up and a rocket blasting up into the sky. Apparently the bus came in very fast and perhaps loudly. 3) Without any more context we have to assume it’s trivia about reptiles. Trivia is small usually unimportant details 4) This one is harder because it seems like you’ve only given part of the sentence. Ripe means ready and ragged means torn or ripped with jagged edges. Raging through the neighborhood implies downed power lines that were live and dangerous. 5) This one isn’t clear either. It could either mean a motion similar to a whip to hit the egg carton with the wet newspaper or the slang meaning of whip which is to throw something. There’s very little to go on here.
September 29, 2019
Tim gave great answers, I’d just like to answer number 5: “Power chords” is not a typo — it’s a musical term for a technique usually involving an electric guitar, especially typical of heavy metal music. “Ripe and ragged” clearly refers to their style of playing music. In a nutshell, a power chord is when you play perfect fifths in multiple octaves, with a lot of distortion, at high volume. Am I the only one here who likes that music?
September 29, 2019
Trespass is a legal term but depending on your jurisdiction it’s possible it applies to your personal space in a shared rental home. Either way, it’s clear enough and the other person wouldn’t know if it was legally correct or not.
September 30, 2019
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