谁能帮我翻译这些句子成英语? 我翻译了一张文章,但是这些句子不太清楚 。 1)2007年比干祭典人选首批河南非物质文化遗产保护名录,成为国际国内著名的姓氏寻根文化活动,而姓氏寻根正是宗亲文化的重要组成部分之一。 2)而后氏族制度崩溃,商周统治政权建立,在沿袭家长制度的基础上,宗法制成为社会统治的架构,建立了一套以血缘亲情为维系纽带的统治制度,形成了特有的文化心理及共同的信念信仰。 3)他们认为”礼”贯穿于社会分工之中,也贯穿于传统的伦理秩序之中,在这之中”礼"发挥着调节人与人及人与社会之间关系的作用。 4)这种建立在文化认同上的寻根认祖活动,对于增强炎黄子孙中华民族的认同感有着重大的意义,对于防止如今盛行的新自由主义、民粹主义等社会思潮对社会的分裂和解构起着一种内向的维系作用。 5)。。。,仅限于林氏族范围的祭拜活动也具有很大的局限性。 6)另外,比干祭祀大典的文化来源在文化传扬方面具有时代限制,除了对文化的不认同,新一代人对祭祀的参与感也在降低,充满仪式的神化祭典难以引起年轻人的共鸣。 7)在当今社会,构建社会主义是时代要求,比干清神中”忠、爱、仁、勇、公”的意思也是以爱国主义为核心的民族清神的重要组成部分。 8)以宗亲网为建构基础延长家族迁徙中宗亲文化的生命力. 9)在两岸三通之后,台湾同胞更希望能够叶落归根,找寻到自己多年来见的亲人,而宗亲网此时就能发挥最大用途,以众包的方式通过网络”全民齐修谱”,寻求文化认同的心理要求等活动来延长宗亲文化的生命力。 非常感谢。
Sep 30, 2019 9:44 AM
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【1】In 2007, The Memorial Ceremony for Bi Gan entered in The List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Henan Province and became a well-known culture event both domestically and internationally of surname origins tracing, which is one of the key components of clan culture. 【2】Afterwards, the clan system collapsed. Shang dynasty and then Zhou dynasty were established. Following the tradition of patriarchy, Zongfa (宗法, Clan Law), a system of government based on blood ties, formed the fundamental social structure, as well as the unique cultural ideology and common faith. 【3】They believed that 'rituals' run through social division of labour and also traditional ethical order, which ease the relation between individuals and their fellows, and between people and society. 【4】The origins tracing event built on cultural identity is of great significance to enhance the identity of Chinese nation. Spontaneously and continuously, it fights against social trends such as neoliberalism and populism, which are prevalent today. 【5】worship activities exclusive to the Lins' clan also have great limitations
October 1, 2019
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