Is فِسْقٌ a different word from فاحشة and فحش?
Sep 30, 2019 1:34 PM
Answers · 2
الفسق :That immorality: is to get out of obedience to God with great الفاحشة : An obscene word that turns into an ugly act, an act that causes its actor to shame, an act that makes its owner chew in the mouths, something self-esteemed, something that denies common sense, something that is common among people as news about people promoting its strangeness. ﴿ And if they do obscene ﴾ Some dictionaries are the increase in ugliness, and some scholars have used an obscene word to adultery, because any sin that ends with its end, except for adultery, the effect will continue after it is finished. It seems that the most outrageous, most likely, go to adultery, and Allah Almighty says: الز And not fornication, adultery, it was obscene, and it was a way الفحش :Obscene single obscenity
September 30, 2019
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