Is my sentences below in English correct? Btw, English language is my fourth languages. TQ So I want to make announcement in my club community in game. But I’m not sure whether my English is correct or not. “ Listen everyone!! This is information based on others experience in War. As promised, I explain here since war has ended. So I did the experiment and purposely did not contribute points during this time war because I wanted to see whether our club rank in war (before = 2423) is drop down. And yes, it’s actually happened, our club rank in war drop from (before= 2423) to (after= 2378). The reason why, I did this because since we are now and new to arena 3, it will be very difficult to achieve GOLD rewards and the process of upgrading War cards will be slow too for our lower ranked team. So in order to achieve easily to get GOLD rewards and collect more War cards is that starting from now , we need to keep losing in war eventually our club will drop down to a lower rank which is in arena 2 or 1. This way is definitely better way to easily achieve GOLD rewards and collect more War cards. But one thing, I want you all to do while we are camping is that we need to make stock up war items as much as possible so that we have enough war supplies until we are ready to war again in arena 1 or 2. “ Note to reader here: I don’t have enough space left. Could you check if my English above correct or not and make it shorter? I want it to sound more natural and if can be short. Copy the whole sentences and edit back for the correction! Thanks!!!
Sep 30, 2019 7:22 PM
Answers · 2
Hi, Firstly, as N said, we would need context to understand what you are talking about. e.g. Is war referring to a campaign, or the name of a game? Just that one thing makes a big difference, and you have mixed up using capitals and not, which makes it less clear. Secondly, since this is a big piece of text, you should post it in the 'notebook' section of this website instead. I think there are less limitations on text size, and there are much better tools to enable people to highlight the corrections they have made.
September 30, 2019
club? war? cards? area? war is over? Could you give some idea about how these things connect? A war-gaming club based on cards?
September 30, 2019
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