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Street vendor - We also salespeople, artists and musician. They are very good. I live in Brazilia, capital of Brazil. The city is very beautiful and clearner. But we have problems. Last Sunday, a bank in the centre of city was robbed. Very people are in the street doing things for money - any money. The people usually don´t do money. Sometimes they wach the mucial´s show and they don´t nothing. Sometimes, we have the presentation with knives and fires. It´s very beautiful. But the peoples don´t help the artistis and musician. We don´t order the people to help, but ever I have any money, I give for street vendor. Thank you for read! Please, help me to learn to English. Alessandro
Oct 1, 2019 12:24 AM
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Very interesting account. I live in Brazilia, the capital of Brazil. The city is very clean and beautiful, but we do have problems. Last Sunday, a bank in the centre of city was robbed. Since people (in Brazilia) don't have much, they work in the streets trying to earn some money. Sometimes, there are free music shows (concerts) to watch. Sometimes, there are exhibitions with knives and fire. It´s very beautiful! Most people don´t give donations (money) to the artists and musician. After all, they don´t demand that people contribute (pay), but whenever I have some money, I give what I can to the street vendors. I hope this helps
October 1, 2019
1. The city is very beautiful and clean 2. A bank in the centre of the city (ps: "centre" is British spelling. "Center" is American 3. Very people is wrong - I think you mean "everyone" or "many people" 4. The people usually dont give money 5. They watch the musicians' shows and they don't give anything 6. Sometimes we have a presentation 7. But the people don't help 8. But if ever I have money (but "if I ever have money" is more common) 9. I give to the street vendor
October 1, 2019
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