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What is the terminology for pain in muscles after too hard workout? People who train/work out too hard can feel a very unpleasant pain in their muscles. What is the terminology for that sort of pain and is there any colloquial expression that people might use. I searched for expressions on the web however, there are plenty to choose from... E.g. Inflamed muscles, inflammation in the muscles, fatigue-fever, muscle strain, muscle swelling and I've found an acronym as well. It is DOMS which seems to stand for delayed onset muscle soreness. Now, my question is whether the aforementioned expressions are all equal and bear the same meaning or is there a slight difference amongst them. Thank you!
Oct 1, 2019 1:57 PM
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To answer the question in your title, the most common way to refer to it is to simply say “sore”. Someone might say something like “I worked out so hard my muscles are so sore I can barely move my arms/walk”, etc. Or more simply “I’m really sore from my workout this morning.” The other things you mentioned are more scientific or medical phrases to describe. Inflammation is a medical word that people that exercise don’t say about their sore muscles unless they are specifically talking about the medical process of inflammation and how to treat it. Sometimes weightlifters will refer to the muscle swelling that they are trying to achieve, but other athletes would not. A slang way weightlifters refer to the swelling is something like “get swole”. As in workout so hard your muscles are swollen. People will sometimes refer to DOMS and pronounce it like doms. Not all athletes would study physiology to that degree to know and use that term. If they did use it it again would be restricted to talking about that specific process. Muscle strain is another specific process that is more like an injury as I understand it. People might say I think I strained my calf muscle so I’m going to take it easy today. So short answer is no those terms you listed are not all equal, they mean different things.
October 1, 2019
Muscle strain, muscle soreness. Cramps. If I swim too soon after eating, or if I do not do warm-up exercises then I might suffer cramps, especially in the stomach area, but also leg cramps, mainly in my calf muscles. Inflammation is usually due to a disease (e.g. a cold or 'flu causes inflammation in the lungs and breathing passages), but inflammation too in joints (gout, arthritis, etc). Swelling is usually due to a bruise or other impact trauma, so fluids congregate there to heal the tissues. I don't exercise, so I can't give you more detail.
October 1, 2019
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October 1, 2019
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