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The pronunciation of "s" after "t" as in it's, its, what's, gets Hello. I am so confused with the pronunciation of “s” after “t” as in It’s, its, what’s gets, etc. In Korean, we have ㅊ which is like “Ch” in English, and “ㅆ” which is like “S” in English. And what I am confused with is whether the “s” after “t” sounds like ㅊ(Ch) or ㅆ(S). 1. When you pronounce ㅊ, Ch, some front-to-middle part of your tongue touches your gum and you take it off, and the tip of your tongue is being attached to the back of your lower teeth. Say "Ch"please. 2. When you pronounce ㅆ, S, your tongue doesn’t touch the gum and the tip of your tongue is behind your upper and lower teeth, having a slight gap between the tip of tongue and teeth. Say "S" please. When you say IT’S, ITS, WHAT’S, THAT'S and GETS, where is your tongue after all? What is the final position of your tongue? Is it closer to Ch or S? Is it 잇츠 or 잇쓰? Please help me out, native English speakers!
Oct 1, 2019 11:38 PM
Young Kim
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