For most apartments, what's the difference between "parlor" and "living room"? 1) You usually say "parlor" or "living room"? 2) What does "spurt into" mean in "he spurt into his pinwheel"? 3) When you're in the elevator with your both hands occupied with bags, you would ask other people in the elevator: A. Can you jab at 5th for me (You want to go to 6th floor) B. Can you press 5th for me? 4) What does "entrenched" in "he is entrenched"? 5) What does "nestled in" mean in "I nestled in and drifted off to sleep"?
Oct 2, 2019 6:56 PM
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Entrenched = hard to remove or get rid of, such as a person who cant be fired from a job, or an idea that people refuse to stop believing. ("The idea that money is the most important thing is entrenched in the minds of many people, even though they would be happier if they made less money but worked less "). It is from the trenches that soldiers dig to make it hard for an enemy to force them to retreat. Nestled in is from the root nest, like a bird's nest. It is to make yourself warm and cozy, like under the covers in bed,
October 2, 2019
1) It depends on where you are. In the US we call it a living room but I believe parlor is what they call it in the UK. 2) Knowing what a pinwheel is they probably mean they blew into it. 3)Once again a difference between the UK and the US. in the US we would say B, and I'm less sure of this one but they probably say A somewhat frequently in the UK. 4) Very deeply integrated, like a single miscolored thread running through a canvas, or someone who's been in a business so long they know everything about it and the various companies within that business.
October 2, 2019
1. Parlour is the same as, living room is the room you relax in during the day and usually have meals in, if you do not have a dining room. It can also mean the room were cows are milked or a room where special businesses operate such as a beauty parlour. 2. Spurt = to run or move fast into or toward or away from something or anything. for various reasons. 3.Can you press = British English, not entirely sure what American English would be. 4.entreched = to be unable to move or to change an opinion, to be unable to to change beliefs or a personal attitude. 5. nestling means to be very close to someone often for comfort or when resting or sleeping. commonly seen with young animals or babies nestling up to their mothers. 2. i think it might be "spat" into the pinwheel. could be mispronounced or misheard as "spurt' especially if the speaker had an accent.
October 2, 2019
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