Difference & different Hello friends, I really need to know How can i use different and difference in the sentence? *I know different is adjective And difference is a noun. Thank you🌷
Oct 4, 2019 7:22 AM
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Hello Meera! That's right, "different" is an adjective and "difference" is a noun. When you're describing something/someone you need an adjective, therefore you need to use "different". Here are some examples, Example 1: "The joke my brother told me was really DIFFERENT from the one I heard on TV." -- We are describing the joke. Example 2: "DIFFERENT magazines have DIFFERENT articles." -- We are describing the magazines and the articles. "Difference" is a noun, it shows how things/people can be different. Some examples, "The DIFFERENCE between my two sisters is huge." -- Two sisters are very different. "In yesterday's class Mary learned the DIFFERENCE between two grammar rules.". -- Mary learned how different are the two grammar rules. I hope this helps!
October 4, 2019
Some examples may help. Different - adjective She's a different person to you. ('She's not like you' or 'She's unlike you') My exam is at a different time to yours. Mine's at 3pm while yours is at 4pm Your hair colour is different to mine. Difference - noun It won't make a difference if you study or not, you'll still pass. (It won't matter if you study or not) There's no difference between those two apples - they both look good. (Those two apples are the same) They were always arguing, but now they've solved their differences (They've resolved their differing opinions and they now agree.)
October 4, 2019
Hello! You said correctly. Different is an adjective so it goes before a noun. For example “I have lived in different countries”. Difference is a noun, an example for it can be this one: “the difference between you and me is very clear”.
October 4, 2019
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