What does the sentence "I just kind of let the information I already have settle" mean in parapraph? Now i'm reading a book named "What if this is heaven". In the book there a paragraph like this: "“Basically, when I feel confused and overwhelmed with information, I don’t go looking for more of it. I just kind of let the information I already have settle. I cannot un-know any of the information I already have, of course, so I just let it be without specifically focusing on any of it.” What does "I just kind of let the information I already have settle" mean? I don't understand the phrase "kind of let " and "have settle" in this sentence. Can you help me to understand it? Thank you!
Oct 4, 2019 2:31 PM
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No wonder you're confused. You're struggling with this sentence because you're parsing it all wrong. You need to divide the words up into chunks of meaning like this: "I just kind of LET [ the information I have] SETTLE" I = subject just kind of = fillers (ignore these words) LET (something) SETTLE = verb phrase [the information (that) I have] = object of the verb The writer has some information, and she lets it settle. This means that she doesn't get stressed about having an 'information overload'. Instead, she remains calm and doesn't worry about trying to understand all this information or make use of it. She waits for the information to sink in and slowly make sense to her. In other words, "I let it be".
October 4, 2019
Imagine eating a meal, because this is an eating and digesting metaphor. After you eat, your food settles in your stomach and you begin to digest it. The author says "kind of" to tell you they're using a metaphor. They're comparing taking in knowledge to eating food. You get to a point where you've eaten enough, then you need to let it settle in your stomach, then you digest what you've eaten before you eat another meal.
October 5, 2019
@Andres Duque: Thank you
October 4, 2019
@Andrea: Thank you!
October 4, 2019
"I simply (just kind of) let the information I already have being absorbed (settle)"
October 4, 2019
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